Why you should contact us

We bring an objective perspective to your business. We have hands-on experience with hundreds of companies just like yours.
We have conducted research in just about every marketplace and use that wealth of experience to quickly understand each client’s situation.
We really do enjoy meeting with business owners to understand their problems and aspirations – over the phone, by Skype or face to face over coffee…. the choice is yours.

Our first conversation is typically an hour – simply to see if we may be able to contribute to your success – no charge.
(In fact many times we can address simple issues during this first conversation.)
If we agree that a more involved engagement makes sense, then we will develop a proposal on how we might work together.

We will typically respond within one business day to understand what you would like to achieve.

(Once we engage, we are of course fully connected for 7/24 support.)

Kingsford Consulting LTD