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We help Companies Grow

We will help you maximize revenues while ensuring your business runs profitably.

Revenues are driven by your products and services, pricing, channels to market and market communications.

  • Choosing the right market segment is key to revenue growth. It offers the highest value (price), least competition and easiest communications and lowest cost of support.

Profitability is determined by how efficiently you are able to produce, and deliver, the right value to your clients.

  • Your company is an integral part of an end-to-end flow of value from your suppliers to your end customer. Your employees and the resources you consume should all be adding value as your products or services make their way to the next organization or individual in your value chain. How well that value flows determines the success of your company.

We use the 4A approach to help our clients grow:  

Assess: We use proven methodology to learn where you are now and where you want to go. (More…)

Advise:  We provide recommendations on how to adjust your ‘go to market’ strategy. We’ll help you build the plan you need. (More…)

Adapt: Making change happen isn’t easy. Sometimes a third party can be more effective in designing new processes and approaches and helping you get traction as you implement your plan. (More…)

Accelerate: Owners and managers often benefit from ongoing coaching to help them stay on the growth path.  (More…)


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We love what we do and we love helping companies grow.

Andrew Penny

Where to play and how to win

Andrew is an expert in getting products and services quickly and efficiently to market.  His ability to quickly identify innovative approaches and new opportunities along with international experience and channel development abilities make him a highly sought after business advisor. (More…)

Graham Birkenhead

Lean Channels and Value flow

Graham is our people, process and organization expert.  He started his career as a military engineer where he developed expertise in the leadership of change, and organizational knowledge and culture.  He brings an eclectic mix of management and consultancy skills built on over 30 years of field experience. He uses these skills to support and coach clients in the implementation of the plans and changes required for growth. (More…)

Our first objective is to ensure that we have each other’s trust and that we truly understand each other.

Relationships are key

Throughout the engagement, we workwithour clients rather than on them.
We make maximum use of a client’s existing experience while transferring as much knowledge as possible to avoid creating dependencies.

We are hands-on and collaborative, preferring face-to-face communication. As necessary, we make use of workshops, interviews, diagnostic tools, customer and employee surveys (did we mention we love big whiteboards?).

We aim to maintain momentum throughout a project in order to quickly deliver high-value results to our clients.

Sales and Account Management

You can’t sell an F-35 like a banana. Much of the sales literature today is aimed at “traditional sales”. Traditional because the target companies have pre-established ways to evaluate, select and buy. If you are selling machinery to mines, paper to printers, or cell...

Net Promoter Score

What do my customers really think about me? You would think that as we spend so much time and effort, and make such large financial and emotional investments producing products and services for our customers, that we would have a very intimate knowledge of our...

Market Position

How do I align my goals and address my target market? Many of the small and medium companies we work with come to us full of ideas regarding how to grow their business or launch a new product. Their passion is commendable; however, their ideas are scattered and often...

Channel Focus

Where do I fit within my market? Strategic Direction involves taking a good look at your product/service and company as a whole in order to establish your purpose. Essentially, if you do not know where it is that you want to go, you will never discover how to get...

Be A Pricing Maestro – The Five golden Rules of Pricing

An area that people get wrong all the time is pricing. Some people price high based on the profits they hope to achieve. Some base it on some sort of average industry “cost plus” rule. Some are afraid to charge too much. Still others simply add a few percent to last...

Motorcycle Metaphor – Part Deux

Good to see you back  🙂 In our last blog, we asked ‘Does your company move through your customer’s process ….. or do your customers move through yours? We described the customer’s journey as a repeating cycle (you can read it here). Your customer’s journey needs to...

Motorcycle Metaphor … customer journey

By Andrew Penny I was riding my motorbike through Saskatchewan as part of a trans-Canada trip, watching a tree on the horizon slowly approaching. I was doing ‘slightly’ over the speed limit but it still took about to 3 minutes for the tree to get to me.  Apart from...