Having a great plan is only part of the challenge; knowing how to execute it, or even how to go about starting, is sometimes the biggest hurdle.  Not only do you have to keep your company going – which is your area of expertise – but you also need to do a load of other stuff, and that may need many skills and insights that you may not have been exposed to before.  That’s where we can help you to achieve your goals.

And making change happen and making it stick is notoriously difficult; at Kingsford, we understand how organisational cultures develop, how they can hinder you and how they can empower you. We provide analysis, advice and mentoring to help you understand and improve your processes and how to best organise your business for its next stage of growth. And most powerfully, we help you get your whole team on board to help. As Zig Zigler said: “You don’t build a company, you build the people and the people build the company”.

We can work with you on a retainer basis to coach and mentor you and your team through the execution phase of your evolution.  We believe that change is best lead from within, so we support you in leading that change.   We can also roll up our sleeves and provide some of the heavy lifting when needed too; we can help brainstorm tricky issues; work in the field alongside your team; help create policies and content or simply work on the next tactical step.   That way, you learn, you don’t form a dependency on us, and your changes become sustainable.