What do my customers really think about me? You would think that as we spend so much time and effort, and make such large financial and emotional investments producing products and services for our customers, that we would have a very intimate knowledge of our customers. What are their needs and wants? What are their thought processes when making a decision to buy? And what are their ongoing thoughts and feelings about what we are trying to do for them? But in fact, most often we find that many companies know alarmingly little about their customers. Without that knowledge, how would they know what to make or do, how to improve it, how to approach the customer to make a sale in the first place, or how to support their customer in the process of deciding to buy.

A recent client of ours has spent years developing bleeding edge survey technology specifically for use in the oil and gas sector. Despite the certainty that this technology was better than anything else on the market, sales were not flowing in and money on further development and sales effort was just flowing out. The cliff of ruin was fast approaching and internally blame was flying.

We started this project with the customer and used a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to get inside the mind of past and current clients. The NPS is a very simple yet powerful way to understand if you are adding value to the customer and if that customer is going to be an advocate of your services, be indifferent or worse. The NPS very quickly highlighted that customers were not seeing the value in our client’s amazing technology because it was being sold as a solution to the wrong problem. This simple insight enabled the company to adjust its development, marketing and sales effort to properly highlight the real value proposition of the technology, and to make it to the right people within the client organizations. Often we find that clients see new technology as a risk and they are looking to reduce their overall risk, not increase it.

We can help you get into the mind of your potential and actual customers and understand their buyer behaviour.