We all know that having an image with your blog increases its clickability (and the likelihood of being read). But is that really enough? Is that all there is to it? You guessed it – nope! Using the right picture is critical in turning those visitors into leads. So, let’s do it right and make you some more money.

Here’s how it works:

  1. They see your post (on your Twitter account, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.)
  2. They decide that they want to read it – based solely on the title and image you showcase.
  3. They realize you have incredible insight in one of two things: an issue they’re aware of or an issue they didn’t realise they had until just now – all thanks to you!
  4. They decide they would like to keep in touch with you and hear more about what you have to say.
  5. They commit. They accept they need help and they know just where to go – to the experts who give them super content that’s been tailored specifically for them.
  6. You sell.


See all those “Theys”? They are in control. It’s your job to attract them with killer content. However, you have a much better chance of attracting them with an eye-catching picture.

People wiz past posts on social media every day – there’s just too much out there to get people’s attention. A picture, though… it screams “Look at me! Look at me!” Which is great – so long as the content stays true (or exceeds) the reader’s expectation: So…

When you’re using a picture to promote your blog post:

Keep it relevant. This ties in with maintaining expectations. Your customers are not interested in being lied to or tricked into reading something they don’t care about. Having an appropriate picture related to the post brings in the people you want (See #3 above).

Keep it real. Stock photos are everywhere. Sure, most of them are pretty good quality, and if you’re a bad photographer then you might think it’s the way to go. It’s not: ‘Borrowing’ photos from the Internet? Most online photos are copyrighted so not only is using them illegal (unless you pay royalties), your audience sees right through that generic photo of a “team” working around a boardroom table. They see that picture everywhere, and they know it isn’t you.

Show yourself; become real to your readers. This gives you an edge and lets your audience see who you really are. And, having your own photos doesn’t mean having bad photos. Most smartphones have excellent cameras –taking a ‘real’ photo is so easy – take 10 and choose the best.

And taking your own photo means you can create consistency from content to title to picture across all your posts, which further supports and improves your customer’s engagement process.

For added flare, add relevant text on top such as an excerpt from your post of the blog title. There are tonnes of tools available to do this from amateur to advanced, such as simply editing in Microsoft Word (and taking a screenshot) to the Skitch app to a full-blown Photoshop program.

Hope you’re glad you looked!