Channel Assesment

Sales Channel Assessment

Whether you are building a new channel or assessing an existing one, your sales channel is a critically important part of the value chain.  You need to have intimate knowledge of how your channel works, how well it is aligned with your strategy and how to keep it running efficiently. We recommend an annual Assessment to make sure everything is on track.

By asking KCL to take an independent view of how your Channel is performing, you’ll be able to determine if it is working for you or against you, and if it’s working as you intended or if it’s out of your control.  It’ll help you see all the intricate and interrelated parts of your channel and explain why certain things are happening – or not.  Our Channel Assessment Service is a first step in making sure that you are getting the right product or service to the right customers in the right (most effective and efficient) way.

Our Channel Assessment will:

  • Identify costly impediments to buying – what is your channel doing, or not doing, that hinders your customers’ buying decision and eventual fulfilment.
  • Capture how your channel members and customers think about you. If they like you, they are your most powerful marketing resource. If they dislike or are even indifferent to you, your job is so much more difficult.
  • Measure channel member performance vs its potential. How much more could customers buy if only…..  As you know, increasing sales through existing channels is the fastest and most profitable way to grow.
  • Determine which reps and regions are aligned with your corporate strategy. Are they offering the right products for the right reasons to the right buyers? Failure to do so is ineffective and unprofitable.
  • See if the market communications you’re paying for are reaching your target customers. A diluted message confuses and underwhelms the market.
  • Enable you to deploy sales staff where they’ll achieve the best return on your time and money.
  • Provide a meaningful baseline to measure progress, growth and your team’s performance.

What do we do:

  • We meet with you (and your team) on-line or on-site to capture channel information.
  • We hold live interviews with selected channel members to gain first-hand knowledge of your value creation process.
  • We design and conduct a channel-member and an end-user survey to measure reputation.
  • We provide a report of our findings, key observations on areas of strength or vulnerability and clear recommendations on actions that will increase the performance of your channel.

Channel Assessment Report

The summary report is designed to be read by your Executive team and your support staff. It captures gaps and opportunities within your channel and within the marketplace in general. The results provide a baseline to measure the effectiveness of future actions. Typical reports are about 25 pages in length.

Standard Report includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Backgrounder and Context
  • Net Promoter Score Analysis
  • Customer Experience Index Analysis
  • Channel Component Analysis
    • Branding
    • Business development
    • You and your resellers
    • Your Resellers Customers and You
  • Reseller Input
    • New Product Opportunities
    • Service Enhancement Opportunities
    • General feedback
  • Recommended Actions

What now?

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