Graham Birkenhead

Partner at Kingsford Consulting Ltd | Founder at
Principal at Birkenhead Knowledge Systems

Lean Channels and Value flow

Graham is our people, process and organization expert.  He started his career as a military engineer where he developed expertise in the leadership of change, and organizational knowledge and culture.  He brings an eclectic mix of management and consultancy skills built on over 30 years of field experience. He uses these skills to support and coach clients in the implementation of the plans and changes required for growth.

Graham provides a unique lean perspective to business problems. He sees things that most miss and excels at finding the root cause of any issue and developing creative solutions and processes that build on the underlying strengths of the organization. His keen understanding of people is evident as he applies lean methodology to improve the efficiency of sales channels and other business processes.

Graham hails from the UK where he gained Master’s Degrees in IT from the University of Glasgow and Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick. He has been based in Canada since 2006. During his career, he has lectured at master’s level and taught underwater using hand signals.  Graham is a Group Commissioner for Scouts Canada– helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow.